Cartoon Corsair

This kit includes all the formed plastic parts needed to complete the Cartoon Cosair. The plastic parts makes it easy to build this little plane by eliminating the need to shape the foam sheeting. The included plans have all the patterns needed to cut your foam sheeting with Illustrations and printed instructions to guide you through construction. Step by step instructions are posted on RC groups under foam scratch building or just search cartoon war birds. 

Each of the war bird series are equal in size and weight so the power equipment can be interchangeable. 
Kit contains:
Printed instructions and patterns, forward Turtle deck, Aft Turtle deck , Canopy, Pilot figure, Belly pan, Hatch, cowl,  Two wing inlet ducts, Two wing fairings.      
  Specs :
Wing span.... 31 inches
length...........23 inches
weight .........13 ounces W/O battery
Materials needed to complete the model : 
One foam sheet , 3mm 28 inch X 40 inch
One foam sheet , 6mm 24 inch X 24 inch
Gorilla glue 1 bottle
5 Min. epoxy
1800 KVA Out runner motor
GWS 7x4 prop 
ESC 10 amp minimum .
Battery   800 to 850 MAH three cell lipoly
KS Steel wire
Main gear P/N 505 . . .17 inches
Aileron torque rods / Tail gear P/N 502 . . .12 inches
Control rods...P/N 501   36 inches
Main gear Dubro 2 1/2 dia....   P/N250 DL
tail wheel 1 inch dia..... P/N 100mw
Axle spacer used Sullivan golden rod P/N 506
control rod guide tubes ,  Sullivan P/N 507


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