Miscellaneous parts and accessories

This category has parts that would be hard to find. 
(image for) Wire Clamps
Wire Clamps
This product is used to arrange the wireing in your ARF model to make assembly eaiser at the flying field. It comes in strips of  .030 PETG...

wire clamps

(image for) Air cooling scoops
Air cooling scoops
This set of scoops should keep you from gluing plastic spoons to your models.  There are three types on one sheet and they come in pairs for a...

PP scoop set

(image for) Servo Arm Fairing
Servo Arm Fairing
The servo fairings come in pairs and in three sizes, all on one sheet for a total of 6 fairings.  large fairing is 3/8 inch wide and 1/4 inch...

servo arm fairing

(image for) Light lens set
Light lens set
The wing tip lens sheet comes with 13 different sized lenses arranged in pairs. 26 lenses in all. You will probably be able to use two for...

Light lens set

(image for) 1/4 Scale Corrugated panels
1/4 Scale Corrugated panels
This material is formed with .020 plastic and can be bonded directly to your models control surface frame.The panels measure 10 1/2...

corrugated panels

(image for) Foam cutting wire 40 Ft
Foam cutting wire 40 Ft
This is 40 foot of foam cutting wire. Its really .020 stainless aircraft saftey wire but works so good at cutting hat I have used it for 20 years....

Foam cut wire

(image for) Paint tray
Paint tray
This paint tray can be used for mixing colors or keeping your paint from drying out in the bottles. We have also used the tray to mix small amounts...

paint tray

(image for) Cargo Extraction System
Cargo Extraction System
This is the cargo extraction system used on our C-130. its purpose is to push cargo out of cargo models in flight, it could be used on...


(image for) Great Planes G44 Widgen wing tip floats
Great Planes G44 Widgen wing tip floats
This wing tip float fits the Great planes  widgen. It is formed with .020 PETG and is compatable with all paint types and is super glue...

Widgen float

(image for) Aeronica Champ 42in
Aeronica Champ 42in
This Cowl / Canopy combination fits the 42 inch span Aronica Champ designed by Pat Tritle featured in Model Airplane News. The plans are available...

Champ 42"

(image for) Designers B-24 6 foot span
Designers B-24 6 foot span
This B-24 set will fit a model with a 6 foot wing span. Details on this size model is displayed on RC groups. ...

Designers B-24 set

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